I welcome and appreciate all of your testimonials and comments.

I have been to many different massage therapists over the years and I can honestly say that Mercedes is the best one I have seen. I have even been willing to drive a distance to see her because she is that good. She is very skilled in a number of different massage techniques and offers a wonderful variety of massages and special offerings to choose from to suit your individual needs and preferences. She is very caring, attentive, and has a healing approach in all that she does. She has created a spa-like atmosphere in her massage room and I feel very pampered and well-taken care of each time I am there. I enjoy the experience tremendously and each time I leave I feel the benefits of Mercedes' healing touch last for days. It is a real bonus that Mercedes does facials too, which are a wonderful addition to her healing massages. If you want to treat yourself to something really special, make sure you see Mercedes. You will be very happy you did.         J. E. -Roxbury, Ct.


First of all, thank you for the wonderful massage this afternoon.......I would have to be at death's door to cancel a massage/facial with you!
L. J. -Litchfield, Ct.


Thank you so much for that wonderful facial, for the rest of the day everyone kept commenting on how my skin was "glowing".  
P. M. -Goshen, Ct.


I started my massage sessions as the recipient of a gift from a dear friend who knew that I was stressed, in pain and need some help. After consultation Mercedes began a weekly massage program specifically to restore and renew my energy level and reduce my chronic soreness in my arm. After just two weeks I could feel the difference. Mercedes was able to find the cause of my pain and slowly correct the affected area so I could sleep pain free at night. Though it took time to treat, the deep massages and some easy exercise began to heal me and restore my energy to more than I had in years. This gift certificate I received has changed me and I am determined to keep massage a part of my life long routine to help me maintain my health.         M. R. -New Preston, Ct.


My body was crying for a massage and you are the BEST!! :)......I just wanted to touch base with you to tell you what a wonderful afternoon I had with my massage and facial! I felt truly renewed, relaxed and pranafied! You are very gifted! My skin never looked so good... and there was no reaction to the sheets.... my skin has improved since coming to you.          L. B. -Litchfield, Ct.


I just remembered the appointment this morning and it made me so happy.          T. M. -Morris, Ct.


Thank you for the wonderful, healing facial and massage you gave my mother. Her skin kept getting better and better after her facial...and she felt relaxed and happy.          D. T. -Goshen, Ct.


Mercedes- so happy you were able to treat her. She called me when she got out and was raving about you as I knew she would.
D. C. -Litchfield, Ct.


She loved her session with you! She said the best massage she ever had! Thanks for the referral discount,          T. H. -Bantam, Ct.


He loved his massage; I knew he would! So I would like to make an appointment for myself now :)          C. S. -Woodbury, Ct.


I am so excited that I received a Facial & Back Massage for a Christmas Gift.          K. M. -Bridgewater, Ct.



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